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Hi - I'm Aleissia. I help companies use new technologies and innovative designs to build exciting products, games, brands and experiences for The Metaverse.


I build experiences that bring people together through Interaction, Storytelling and Play through the use of new Emerging Technologies

Voted as Top 30 People to Watch in Augmented Reality

"Aleissia Laidacker took on the difficult task of not only working within the company to help build the product suite, but also reach out to the developer community in a way that made Magic Leap immediately more accessible, human, and fun." - Next Reality




Aleissia is a Creative Technology Director with over 20 years experience in the Immersive Technology space. 

She is a leader in AR/XR, where she was Head of Developer Experience at Magic Leap. Working with numerous partners to find creative and technically innovative ways of pushing the boundaries of interactions and storytelling using Augmented Reality. 

She led as the Global Director of Creative Technology at The Mill working with teams to build world-class Experiences and Branded-Content for AR, XR, Virtual Worlds and LBEs. 

She also advises and consults on a number of startups, focused on building the future Open Metaverse through technologies such as Web3, Blockchain and XR. 

Previous to working in the XR space, she worked in Game Development for over 10 years. Having led the Technology, Gameplay and AI Direction on some large game franchises such as Assassin's Creed at Ubisoft.


She is also co-founder of Mixed Flour, an Immersive Design Company focused on creating location-based experiences that bring together Food, Technology and Interaction Design.

As a technology evangelist, she often speaks at conferences, about XR, Interaction Design, Immersive Experiences, The Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence.

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I work with companies ranging from Gaming, Theatre, Live Events, Brand Agencies and Tech Companies. I help clients build experiences and products that utilize emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Web3, Blockchain, AI, 5G, IOT and Immersive Design. Bringing Interaction, Play and Collaboration to their products and experiences.



Thinking about how to incorporate new technologies into your product or building out your content strategy for an existing product?

I love working with clients to help identify their needs and help them think about the tech and content needed to get there.


Augmented Reality, Web3, Blockchain, 5G, IOT, Cloud-Based Computing, Real-Time Rendering, the Metaverse and AI. I work with a number of clients to help them understand the Why, How & What of new technologies.  

From helping clients design their SDKs, Tools & Platforms. To Game Technology Direction and AI systems. Or Incorporating tech into Immersive Experiences.


Thinking about how to bring interaction design to your experiences? Or how to utilize your tech in creative ways for your product, experiences or games? 

My happy place is getting to work with technical and creative designers alike to build experiences that really shine. Going from functional to something meaningful & engaging. 


I've been an avid speaker at many conferences such as GDC, Siggraph, GamesCom and Unite. As well as guest lecturer at Universities and Companies.


I often speak about topics ranging from Augmented Reality and Games. To Ethics in AI, Virtual Beings and Spatial Computing.

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